Intro ⭐

Terminus Research is a hedge fund based in Prague 🇨🇿, focused on data-driven trading in European commodity markets, is opening a crypto trading hub in Dubai 🇦🇪. On this occasion, we launched a crypto hackathon, with an ultimate task to design a trading bot, who can successfully operate on an artificial crypto token data.

Why to Join? 🤝

✅ Because you are gonna fight on a completely fair playground, where you can really showcase your skills.

✅ Because the winners are gonna be awarded prize money.

✅ Because this competition can open the door to you to a group of excellent developers and world class data scientists, who are really professionals in their field.

Job Interviews 🎤

Even when profit is an objective measure of success, in the end, algo-trading itself tackles much more complex problems and that requires additional skills. Hence, for the purpose of hiring new scientists into the analytical team, we will pay great attention to the inventiveness, technical quality of implementation, and overall robustness of the strategy too. We want to bring the brightest minds together 🤝.

Evaluation ⚖️

Submission deadline is 2022-07-31 24:00:00

The key metric is profit 💰 at the end of the trading window (see for example

For more details, please visit GitHub.

Award 🏆

🥇 Winner – USDT 2k

🥈 2nd – USDT 1k

🥉 3rd-5th: USDT 0.5k each

🎤 First 10 - job interview at the Terminus Research (Data Scientist role)

Final leaderbord will be published till 2022-08-07